Mämmi in English

Mämmi in English

Mämmi is a traditional Finnish Easter dessert. See how to make mämmi, Finnish Easter pudding.

Mämmi - Finnish Easter pudding

over 60 min
serves 10

Stage 1 7 1/2 dl water 
125 g (abt. 1 3/4 dl) malted rye 
200 g (abt. 3 1/2 dl) Pirkka rye flour 

Stage 2 
1 l water 
125 g (abt. 1 3/4 dl) malted rye 
200 g (abt. 3 1/2 dl) Pirkka rye flour 

Stage 3 
3/4 dl syrup 
1 tbsp ground bitter orange peel
1/2 tsp salt 

On top 
1/2 dl water 
1/4 dl sugar

Stage 1: Bring water to boil in a large pot and move the pot away from the stove top. Mix in malted rye and rye flour. Let the mixture stand in a warm place for 90–120 minutes, to become sweet. (You can for example let it stand in an oven heated to 50 degrees Celsius. Heat the oven to 50 degrees and then turn it off. When the oven cools, you can reheat it to 50 degrees and then turn it off again.

Stage 2: Heat the water until it bubbles. Add the water, malted rye and rye flour to the mixture you prepared earlier. Let the mixture stand for another 2 hours as above.

Stage 3: Add syrup, ground bitter orange peel and salt. Mix until even. Heat the mixture on the stove for 10 minutes while constantly mixing. Do not let it burn.

Divide the mixture into aluminium foil pans or traditional mämmi punnets made of birch bark. Fill the foil pans only halfway, as the mämmi will rise in the oven. Cool down.

Mix the sugar and water, and add 1–2 tbsp of the mixture to each foil pan. Bake in 170 degrees for around 2 1/2 hours. After this, you can turn off the oven but leave the mämmi in the oven as it cools.

Tips! This recipe provides about 2 litres of mämmi. Check in advance how many aluminium foil pans will fit into your oven and test the best way to arrange them. Because mämmi needs a long baking time, it is best to place all the tin pans in the oven at the same time.

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